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Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe on the Road

Driving is such an essential method of transportation for everyday use. We use our cars to commute back and forth to work, to drive the kids to school, to run errands and for leisurely activities. Not only is it a necessity at times, it also gives one a sense of independence. As our loved ones continue to age however, the more the independence of driving becomes threatened. We have compiled a list of tips for keeping the aging safe while driving.

1. Avoid Stressful Driving Situations

Driving is stressful within itself but there are certain times that you may want to especially avoid. According to, you may want to plan to drive after 9 am and before 5 pm to avoid hectic rush hour traffic. If at all possible, it is also recommended to avoid traveling during bad weather.

2. Stay Current on Eye and Hearing Exams

As our older loved ones continue to age, it is not uncommon for them to experience vision changes or hearing loss. This affects how well an older adult can see, especially while driving a night and how well they can hear oncoming traffic, horns, or sirens. It is important to keep current on any eye prescriptions or hearing changes by being examined regularly.

3. Avoid Taking Medications Before Driving

With medications come side effects. A common side effect of many medications is drowsiness. If you know your medication has a warning or tendency to make you feel tired, it is a good thing to hold off until after you return from the road.

We hope these tips were helpful! If your loved one is in need of assistance in the home, contact Quality of Life Home Care and Hospice today to see how we can help!


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