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5 Tips for Healthy Skin

The skin is the body’s largest and one of the most important organs. It protects us from the outside world, including allergens and irritants, regulates our temperature, and so much more. Since 1997, November has been recognized as National Healthy Skin Month by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Here are some important tips to keep your skin healthy:

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and watch your alcohol consumption. Water not only hydrates, it also flushes out toxins, reduces puffiness, and makes wrinkles appear less visible.

2. Wash your Face Daily

Wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser. Avoid bad habits like sleeping in makeup as it can age your skin up to seven times faster than normal. In addition, toxins and pollutants can remain in your skin so it is especially important to cleanse your skin every night.

3. Avoid Viral Skin Trends

Whether young or older, we all desire to have the perfect skin. This quest will often times have us trying different trends seen on social media. According to dermatologists however, we have to be careful because everything isn’t as it seems. Even if it appears that things look fine online, we have no idea how many people may end up in the emergency room due to a bad reaction from some of these viral trends.

4. Perform Monthly Skin Exams

According to the Skin Cancer foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. It is important to monitor your skin for any changes which can lead to skin cancer such as moles and spots with unusual shapes or colors.

5. Wear Sunscreen

It is recommended to wear an SPF 30 daily in any type of weather. Sunscreen protects against UV Rays and other environmental exposures.


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