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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

In a past post, we discussed the benefits of occupational therapy for seniors. The month of October is recognized as National Physical Therapy Month. This post will explain what physical therapy is and the ways in which it can help the elderly.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy or PT is medical treatment designed to restore functional movements such as standing, walking, and movement of different body parts. Doctors typically recommend physical therapy after an injury or illness that result in pain, limited mobility, or dysfunction in movement. A physical therapist, physiotherapist, or PTs are medical professionals that are specialized to provide treatment in those areas.

Physical Therapy vs. Occupational Therapy

While occupational therapy focuses on helping patients participate in everyday tasks with more ease, physical therapy on the other hand, focuses on improving movement, mobility, and function. Both professions do, however, work in conjunction to help a patient recover fully. Physical therapy can be preventive and corrective.

A physical therapist might help with the following:

- Pain Relief

- Rehab following stroke, illness, or injury

- Manage chronic illness such as diabetes, heart attack, or arthritis

- Teach how to use assistive devices such as cane or walker

- And more!

Talk to your physician to determine how physical therapy can help you in your journey. We all want to remain independent as long as possible. Contact Quality of Life Home Care & Hospice to see what in-home services we can help with!


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