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Keeping Seniors and Caregivers Safe This Winter

Winter weather can prove to be quite challenging everyone, especially seniors and those that care for them. Snow and ice can make commuting dangerous. The plummeting temperatures can be downright debilitating. Whether you’re indoors or on the road, Quality of Life Home Care and Hospice wants you to keep safe. Here are a few friendly reminders that can help keep our seniors and caregivers safe this winter:

1. Routine Car Maintenance

When driving on the road this winter, it is important that your vehicle is properly maintained. Getting regular oil changes, checking your tires and battery, and purchasing durable windshield wipers will come in handy for the road. Make sure your AAA membership is active in case of emergencies, too.

2. Winterize Your Home

Staying warm can be difficult for seniors as they tend to lose body heat quicker. In an effort to keep warm, some may rely on other appliances such as a stove to keep warm. This is quite dangerous, as it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and layer up when necessary. Also, make sure your loved one has both working fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

3. Dress Warmly

It goes without saying but it is important to dress for the weather. The cold temperatures can lead to Hypothermia, which is especially dangerous for the elderly. A heavy coat and winter accessories are crucial to survive the cold winter. Wearing thermal pants underneath clothing can provide extra warmth.

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