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Spring Safety Checklist for Seniors at Home

Spring is the season for new beginnings. As we begin to make improvements around the home, it is important to assess safety risks of our elderly loved ones living spaces. When things in the home go overlooked for a period of time, it increases the likelihood that our loved ones will have an accident. Here are a few things to add to your spring safety checklist for seniors:

1. Medication

Typically, it is not proper etiquette to go through someone else’s medicine cabinet. When it comes to our elderly loved ones however, we can make an exception to the rule. You want to make sure that all medications, vitamins, and supplements are current, while properly disposing of expired ones.

2. Check Appliances

Check to make sure that household appliances are in working condition and are easily accessible. For example, avoid using high shelves to store things to reduce the chance of falling.

3. Update Lists

Update lists of emergency numbers and place them in accessible areas such as on the refrigerator or near a landline telephone.

4. Fire Safety

Test smoke detectors to make sure that they are working properly and replace batteries if needed. Also make sure fire extinguishers are fully charged and are accessible.

5. Remove slip/fall hazards

Ensure that floors are smooth and hazard free. If any rugs are present, ensure that they are properly secured. Rug grippers are the perfect addition to help keep rugs and mats in place. Also, conceal electrical cords along the edges of each room.

What are some ways you stay safe within your home?

If you or a loved one could use some assistance around the home, contact Quality of Life Home Health and Hospice to see how we can help!

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