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Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

According to the CDC, nearly 5.8 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease as of 2020, with the number expected to reach 14 million by the year 2060. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior capability. The month of June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Take a moment to read up on the warning signs.

It is a progressive disease that starts with memory loss and can become severe enough that it interferes with a person’s ability to complete daily activities. The majority of people with Alzheimer’s are age 65 or older. Younger people can also be impacted by the disease; however, it is less common. This form of Alzheimer’s that affects those under the age of 65 is called early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Memory loss is one of the first warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Here is a list of other symptoms that someone with Alzheimer’s may experience:

- Memory loss that includes getting lost in familiar places

- Asking Repetitive questions

- Issues handling money or paying bills

- Trouble completing tasks around the home, work, or at leisure.

- Changes in mood, personality, or behavior

- Misplacing items; unable to locate them or retrace steps

Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can live between 4-8 years after their diagnosis, however, depending on the factors, can live as long as 20 years with the disease. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s but treatment options are available.

Does your loved one suffer with Alzheimer’s disease? Contact Quality of Life Home Care and Hospice to see what services we offer.

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