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What is Hospice Care?

For many, the term hospice can be a difficult subject to discuss, let alone understand. As a result, there are many misconceptions as to what it is. In this post, we will explain hospice care as well as who can receive hospice services.

Hospice, according to the Hospice Foundation of America, is a form of specialized care that focuses on managing the symptoms and quality of life of an individual whose illness or condition is not likely to improve. Hospice care focuses on keeping a patient comfortable during their last stages, and ensuring that all of their wishes are met.

In order to receive hospice services, the patient’s attending physician or specialist must certify that the life expectancy is six months or less. A common misconception regarding hospice care is that it is an automatic death sentence once a patient begins hospice care, however, the time span does vary from patient to patient.

Hospice can be provided in a variety of settings such as hospital, nursing home, or community living settings or in the patient’s residence. During hospice care, a team of professionals manage symptoms, control pain, and provide physical, emotional and spiritual assistance to the patient. This includes helping the family and loved ones through the process as well.

Services that are included with hospice care are medication to manage pain, medical equipment and supplies, physical and occupational therapy, dietary counseling as well as others. Access to these services also varies on a patient to patient basis.

A patient or family does not have to wait until their final days in order to inquire about hospice services. If your loved one is in need of in-home hospice services, contact Quality of Life Home Care and Hospice to see how we can be of assistance.

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