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4 Signs Your Loved One May Need Home Care

As our loved ones continue to age, our concern for their well-being increases. Just as they have provided a safe, comfortable environment for us growing up, we wish the same for them. Becoming a caregiver for a loved one is a difficult task, but thankfully help is available. But how do you know when it’s time to call in the reinforcements? Here are a few things to look out for.

1.      Forgetfulness


We all forget things every once in a while, however when your loved ones begin to show signs of forgetfulness, it could be a sign that something bigger is wrong. Have they forgotten to take their medication? Are they missing their doctors’ appointments? Do they have trouble getting to familiar places? These are important changes to take note of.


2.      Declining Personal Hygiene


A well-kept appearance is more than about looking good, but feeling good also. If your once well kept loved one beings to show signs of neglect of their personal care, it may be time to act. Signs to look out for include, dirty clothing, body odor, messy/dirty hair, and un-brushed teeth.


3.      Poor Housekeeping


Home tidiness may vary from person to person, however, if you notice your loved ones home begins to fall beyond their normal standards, something may be off. Signs that something may be amiss may include piles of dirty clothing, dishes, and surfaces. This extends to the exterior of the house as well.


4.      Recovering from Surgery


As we know, home care is not just reserved for the elderly. If your loved one is in recovery from surgery at home, they too may benefit from home care until they are back on their feet. Home healthcare can assist with meal preparation, administering medication, and general upkeep of the home.


If you or a loved one needs home healthcare services, contact Quality of Life Home Health Care and Hospice today!


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