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4 Ways the Elderly Can Celebrate Earth Month

Earth Month is celebrated annually each April. Out of an abundance of concern for the environment Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson organized an event in 1970 to garner attention on environmental issues. Rallies were orchestrated across the country and later that year, the Environmental Protection Agency was established. By the 1990s, Earth day was celebrated by 140 countries around the world. No matter how old, we can all do our part to help protect the environment.

Here are a few ways older adults can celebrate earth month:

  1. Use Re-Usable Bags Many cities and states across the US have banned the use of single-use plastic bags. While it may be challenging to remember, this move means less waste for the environment.

  2. Donate old Clothing Donating clothes not only saves the earth by preventing them from going into landfills, those who are less fortunate can greatly benefit from receiving your gently-used threads.

  3. Reduce Energy Consumption We can all conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, using energy efficient light bulbs, and keeping your thermostat on a fixed setting.

  4. Plant a garden Whether in a community garden or a small garden at your home, gardening can be a great social activity while having a positive impact on the Earth. You can plant flowers or even grow your own fruits and vegetables. What ways do you plan to go green for Earth Month?

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